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Re: Are the Voyager novels not as popular?

JD wrote: View Post
So they actually did follow through on all of that then? Most of the other comments I've read about those said they didn't really end up living to all of that, and turned out to be fairly normal TOS stories.
That was my point. Seemingly, John Ordover's original plans were overruled as not being true enough to the spirit of TOS. What turned up in bookshops was not what he'd discussed online a year earlier. Just speculation on my part, but marketing may have thought they wouldn't sell. The covers of the first batch ended up with large portraits of Kirk and Spock.

ATimson wrote: View Post
The Graf books were fairly normal TOS stories, from what I remember (I can't find my copies right now). I want to say with a heavy Sulu/Chekov/Uhura/Scott focus like their other TOS books (instead of the Big Three), but still main-cast focuses.
The extensive cast included:

*CHAPEL, Christine
*CHEKOV, Pavel Andreievich
*DePAUL, Sean
*GIOTTO, Antonio
*HADLEY, [Bill]
*KYLE, John
*LESLIE, Edward
*MARTINE, Angela
*PALAMAS, Carolyn
*PALMER, Elizabeth
*RAND, Janice
*RHADA, Tora
*RILEY, Kevin Thomas
*RUSS, John
*SMITH, Yuki
*STILES, Andrew
*TRACEY, Karen
*TORMOLEN, Joe (mentioned as deceased)
*WASHBURN, Richard
*WRIGHT, Diane

Bolding denotes original names to this sequel.
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