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Re: Branchless/Net-Only Banks: Experience, suggestions?

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
I'm really not sure why you're rolling your eyes. I literally can't function without a physical place to take my money. I do most of my banking online, but I still need a place to go in order to actually get my money into my account.
In the US, almost every convenience store sells inexpensive money orders.
Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
So with a branchless bank, how do you know which ATMs you can use without a fee? Do they tell you flat-out?

And there's no problem depositing checks into an ATM that does not belong to your bank?
Ally Bank, formerly GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation), is an online, branch-less bank. They let you deposit checks online by scanning the document. They also do not charge ATM fees AND reimburse other banks' ATM fees.

Hope this helps.
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