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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

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The HDW-F900 was produced with a maximum resolution of 1080i upto 2003, at which point an upgrade package was released which allows the camera to record 1080p at 30, 24 & 23.98 (a model that integrated this upgrade was released in 2006), but the tape that was used, HDCAM, could only store up to 1080i natively, with 1080p being stored in segmented sections. (HDCAM SR can store native 1080p, but according to all the sources this format was not used, except maybe in the editing bays.).
I don't see on that page where it claims the 2003 upgrade was what allowed 1080p24 on the F900. It just mentions "a few minor upgrades with a major upgrade promising 1 stop extra dynamic range and reduced noise in the blacks."

More importantly, a 2003 upgrade would be over a year after Attack of the Clones was released (two-plus years after it was shot) in 1080p24 with that very camera. So something doesn't add up there...
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