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^Relayer1, vegetarian is a very loose term. People use it to describe everything from totally vegan (no animal products at all) to I'll-eat-anything-except-the-meat-of-land-animals. So, yes, some people who call themselves vegetarian do eat shellfish.

This has been accepted as official for longer than I've been around.

The Vegetarian Society, established on 30 Sept.1847.
One reason I have enjoyed- and participated in- this thread is because everyone has been welcoming and friendly... even to those of us who are not strict vegetarians. PLEASE continue this open, welcoming spirit I have come to love.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I really love coming here to learn about a healthier diet. I am also a foodie, of sorts, and have learned much in my time here.
teacake, thanks so much for explaining Vegemite in a way that makes me yearn for a taste! I am hoping to find and try some.
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