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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

I like the TMP uniforms, they looked like something an astronaut would wear. I think it would've worked well even today.

Now the TOS uniforms are classic, but the quality of the costumes themselves wouldn't have been anywhere near up to scratch for a big movie like TMP. Also as others have said, it shows a change of time from TOS to the "present."

I'm kinda "meh" with the TWOK+ uniforms, they look great for dress uniforms but not duty. They look heavy and hot for a ship that will 1) go into combat, 2) have crews go down into possibly humid or heat intensive environments, and 3) be rather cramped what with ~400 people living in pretty close quarters. So really my critiques of the TWOK+ uniforms are that they're impractical.

I like the idea of a good military looking uniform for Trek, but those weren't it.
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