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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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yeah you should totally add some blackface to this. and maybe a greedy jew too.
Maybe a dumb blonde, a really smart Indian. Stuff like that would really class it up.
Seriously, black-face?
That's just an insult to the reality of African Americans in the early 20th century. I understand you want to be cute and put this in some sort of social context, but black-face is offensive not because it simply was a "white man playing a black man". It was offensive because it was an attempt to actively hold back and stifle black actors.
Movies were owned by studios then and they didn't have a high opinion on black people. You see, even if a black actor was good, he wouldn't get the part because he was black. And black parts back then weren't exactly Oscar caliber.
That is real prejudice.
That is real ignorance.
Please educate yourself before you liken a symptom of a corrupt, broken film industry about eighty years ago, to that of a YouTube video.
Get real, you two.
Also, keep a look out for our black-face episode entitled "If Ferengi Aren't Jews, Then Gene Roddenberry Didn't Come Up With It"

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Part of the joke of the film was the crew's claim that homosexuality had been eradictated by the 24th century, when obviously it hadn't been, as the running gag is that all of the bridge crew are in denial about their true sexuality. The only one who seems to be interested in women in the film is the robot.

Homosexuality was never addressed in 1980s TNG (in relation to human relationships), and I don't personally see anything wrong with poking fun at that, which is what this fan film seems to be doing.
That's one thing. Doing it with a strong gay stereotype sort of ruins the message.
Atkin almost took the words out of my mouth. I don't think it ruins the message because I like to think my characters don't think about that way about Troy.
YOU feel that way about Troy.

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At no time is the audience ever going to be convinced that this is a woman, and I believe that is the joke that the filmmakers were going for.
By having the actor play the character as an unmistakable campy, gay stereotype and in no way like a female character at all?

Yeah, I get how that could be...unconvincing.

Not funny, either, so the "joke" is a failure all around.

(You know, it might have been mildly amusing if the actor had actually played a feminine character. To do it with any success would also have required performing skills not in evidence in this video.)
Troy is a great character, in my opinion. Troy is an "Apollonian telepath" and Apollonia is a reference to the Apollonia 6, a group Prince produced. So Troy is a beautiful brightly colored 80's inspired androgynous dynamo inspired by people like Prince and David Bowie. Troy's beauty is known across multiple galaxies, so of course Troy is gonna take care of that make up and to make sure that John Water's inspired mustache is in check.
I don't think Troy is harmful at all.
If anything, Troy is probably my favorite because that character is what is getting people talking.

To be honest, I didn't write Troy as a homosexual. The only intentionally written homosexual is the Captain.
Sexuality isn't black and white to me; Every character has their own sexual quirk about them.
To me, Troy can wear the outfit, talk that way and act that way and still be just as feminine as you argue is homosexuality.
I just don't think those two things are mutually exclusive.
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