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I'm sorry but i'm supposed to believe ...
There was never a need to genocide the Cardassians. They were a second rate power that the Federation could have crushed if they wanted too.
No, the Cardassians were a force to be reckoned with, they fought Starfleet to a stand still for decades, killed Federation civilians, forced Starfleet vessels to run away from them on occasion, and in the end maneuvered the Federation into a treaty that was to the Federation's disadvantage.

Hardly a "second rate power."

no one said that section 31 goes around genociding any race that might be a threat. But when they think the situations calls for it they have no problem doing it.
And how is this different from the way Starfleet operates "when they think the situations calls for it?" In I Borg, the crew of the Enterprise created topological anomaly number 4747 to destroy the Borg, the original intent was to destroy all the Borg. It wasn't used. Later Starfleet Vice Admiral Nechayev orders Picard to use it should the opportunity present itself again. This was a direct order which Captain Picard accepted from his superior officer.

Starfleet and S31, one responsive to the Council, one not. When the Council learned of the cure S31 had developed, their instructions was to not provide it to the Founders.

This is what makes them the same thing.
Important difference, the Founder act to preserve the Founders (and not the Dominion), S31 act to preserve the Federation (and not just themselves).

a secret group with absolute power to do whatever they want
Realistically, S31 isn't a group of people with "absolute power." While they can focus their efforts on certain objectives, likely their power is limited by whatever their groups size actually is.

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