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Thanks guys. A lot of people say that we look really similar and I think sometimes it's more in certain pictures than in person. But we sound almost identical, especially if we have been around each other a lot. We've confused our own mother, spouses, and I think even my sister's dog by sounding so similar.

We're actually a really quirky, eccentric bunch but I think we're all really lucky to have each other. Crazy or not.

Strangely enough, the pic with my sis was taken during one of my most difficult periods (right when I was making the decision to divorce my husband) but my sis and my friends were there for me and we had a good night together. I think the right people in your life can help you through anything. And there's always something to smile about.
Having a close-knit supportive family means everything. You're seriously lucky Kestra, and it shows.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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