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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The Raven

Janeway is trying to work with Seven to teach her the act of having a hobby, using her imagination, and relaxing. While talking with her Seven has a vision of the Borg, and she is brought to the Doctor for testing. The Doc tells her she needs to eat while he studies her scans. I was hoping we would see her first experience with food.

Janeway is working with the local aliens to make an agreement for the Voyager to go through their space. While Janeway is negotiating, Seven meets Neelix. Neelix explains to Seven what a pleasurably culinary experience entails. I was particularly fond of the part where Neelix teaches her to use a fork, chew, and swallow. I also appreciate the attention to detail that this scene created. Additionally, their facial gestures/features were hysterical! Unfortunately, a Borg hardware piece popped through her skin and she became Borg again, and successfully stole one of the many shuttle crafts and escaped.

Now, Voyager needs to go into the alien space, who have warned them not to enter or it would be the same as declaring war. Paris and Tuvok follow her in a shuttle craft to reason with her and give her a cure that will stop her Borg technology from spreading. Tuvok beams into the shuttle craft and he gets captured by Seven. Seven starts to assimilate Tuvok and then stops and tells him that they will find the Borg and she will return him to Voyager so he can thank Janeway for her. Tuvok points out how human that is. Once she finds the planet that she thinks the Borg are on her and Tuvok (who willingly joined her) explore the area and find a ship assimilated by the Borg. Seven realizes that it was her parentsí ship and she is having flashbacks to when she was taken by the Borg. Meanwhile, the aliens have found them and attack them, conveniently, after Seven finishes telling Tuvok her story. Paris beams them aboard the shuttle and they return to Voyager. I kind of like it that Janeway gave up the shortcut to save Seven; she has already accepted her into the crew.

Favorite part: Seven learning to eat.

Least favorite part: How did Janeway immediately know what to look for when she realized Seven was seeing Ravens in her dreams?
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