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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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At no time is the audience ever going to be convinced that this is a woman, and I believe that is the joke that the filmmakers were going for.
By having the actor play the character as an unmistakable campy, gay stereotype and in no way like a female character at all?

Yeah, I get how that could be...unconvincing.

Not funny, either, so the "joke" is a failure all around.

(You know, it might have been mildly amusing if the actor had actually played a feminine character. To do it with any success would also have required performing skills not in evidence in this video.)
The other "actors" in the video aren't too bad, the guy doing the Picard with Shatner's Pausnia was... "decent." But it's all ruined by that strong, offensive, stereotype that'd have people in the 80s rolling their eyes.
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