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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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Alright, excellent. My point was that if you could somehow make out or otherwise glean what the Defiant plaque says in TTW, it's going to have "USS Enterprise" staring you in the face, anyway.
I understood your point, but on that same note, if we could get close to the four starships facing down the Enterprise in "The Ultimate Computer", they'd all say USS Enterprise as well The production people were probably aware of this and filmed it in such a way that the plaque visible in "The Tholian Web" was present but unreadable. That would allow for say a mythical Season 4 TOS episode to revisit the Defiant and extra budget to make a Defiant plaque to say whatever they wanted on it.

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And, thanks, GSchnitzer, for the history lesson. I was aware of everything, except the contents of the Space Seed script.
Yes, GSchnitzer's references to the scripts are always insightful. Still, since it is just the Work In Progress and not the final Finished Work it is hard to square away with the readable "Starship Class" plaque on the Enterprise bridge that persisted for three seasons. You'd think by Season 3 someone could've just replaced it with a cheap "Constitution Class" plaque.

Oh - and let's not forget "The Wrath of Khan" establishing the movie Enterprise as Enterprise Class.

Overall... the evidence leaves plenty of room to consider the TOS Enterprise starting off as Starship Class (think HMS Dreadnought), becoming the Enterprise Class in the early movies and then being folded into the Constitution Class umbrella by "The Undiscovered Country" that is recorded in the future 24th century history books.

@Wingsley - Not all ships are "starships" according to TOS. Even having antimatter nacelles doesn't qualify since Merik's ship from "Breads and Circuses" had them and wasn't a starship command.

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