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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

So who would be expendable? Who is likable? Who is likable....yet expendable? Who is too underdevolped? Interesting questions. As for my two cents

Likable--Daryl, Carol, Rick, Herschel, Glen, Maggie

underdeveloped--Michonne, Beth, Tyrese, (under the assumption that he'll return as hinted at by TPTB) and Carl

unlikable--the governor, Andrea, Merle

Who is likable....but expendable? IMHO

1.)Glenn --though I appreciate what the writers have done with his anger and psychological trauma over being beaten, the show could probably survive without him. I like the actor--but if push came to shove he could go. I wouldn't want to see Maggie written out as this show needs strong and sympathetic female characters

2.)Herschel--I would hate to see Herschel being written out. I really, really, really would and I don't want to be ageist, but Herschel's death could really provide a wealth of story as Maggie's grief played out and Rick loses yet another friend, someone to whom he could bare his soul.

Underdeveloped---if the writers aren't going to continue to develop Michonne she could easiy go, but I can't believe they don't want to delve further into her character. Same deal with Tyrese. Beth could go, easily. Carl needs to stay. Rick has had too much heartache. He'd lose it permanently if his son were taken from him.

Unlikable--the governor will go. There's no way around it. That son of a bitch needs to die. Now Andrea could be written out. I used to champion her character but the show could more than survive without her at this point.

And then there's Merle. The character you love to hate. Merle has it all over the late Shane in that department. Shane, I just hated. Again, with Merle, there's a gold mine of material to be mined. He's the anti-heart of the show but I suspect that eventually Merle will have to perish. I dearly hope, though, that it isn't too soon. There's too much trouble Merle could stir up with Carol and definitely with Rick who has usurped his place as someone his baby brother looks up to. Merle won't be too pleased about that.

Daryl, Carol, Rick and Maggie all need to stay. I think of them as the four core characters. Herschel and Carl I hope stay, but oh the stories their deaths could generate.

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