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Re: The Constellation's registry number

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Rather than to explain or rationalize the official "Starship Class" every attempt is made to ridicule it and push it over the cliff on behalf of this "Constitution Class" popularized by Franz Joseph, who took it from Greg Jein (but didn't like Jein's NCC numbering), and who wasn't even involved in the production of the original show and who wasn't even a Star Trek fan by his own admission!
Popularzed by Franz Jospeh Schnaubelt in December of 1973? I suppose so. He took it from Greg Jein's April, 1973 article? Yes, I suppose so--but go back further. It's found in Bjo Trimble's Star Trek Concordance from 1969--but go back further. It's found on a screen display from "The Trouble with Tribbles" shot in August of 1967--which some people for some unfathomable reason think shows Scotty reading about something other than the Enterprise). But go back further. It's found in footage from "Space Seed" for which the "Trouble with Tribbles"-used diagram was actually initially created--shot in late December of 1966. But go back further. It's found in the actual shooting script for "Space Seed" from early December of 1966--and who knows how many earlier versions of the script before that:

Scene 44 of the Second Revised Final Draft for "Space Seed," dated December 13, 1966 has the following content:


It is covered with mathematical symbols and diagrams. CAMERA PULLS BACK to show Khan studying with great concentration. He pushes a button. Another transparency appears: a chapter heading, reading: BASIC SPECIFICATIONS, CONSTITUTION CLASS STAR SHIP.

Scenes 47 and 48 have similar content:

From 47:

...At the door, she [McGivers] turns and looks back at him. He gives her a strong, masculine, confident smile. She is about to say something, but turns and exits. Khan turns back to his studying. He pushes a button, stares back up at his screen.


A chapter heading: Basic Propulsion Systems, Constitution Class Star Ship.

So, Constitution-class is not so much a pet theory of Franz Jospeh Schnaubelt or Greg Jein so much as it is a production decision made by the actual Star Trek producers--the actual creators--back in 1966. Asserting that it wasn't based on actual production material and somehow was fabricated out of whole cloth by people who actually weren't with the production is a little disingenuous. I think a lot of people couldn't or wouldn't do the proper research to find that Constitution-class was an actual contemporaneous Star Trek production decision, not some after-the-fact fan wankery speculation.

People don't think it's Constitution-Class and not just "Starship Class" because they are less knowledgeable about Star Trek starship nomenclature production materials than you; it looks like the people who first promulgated the Constitution-class information were actually more knowledgeable about starship nomenclature production materials than you.
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