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You don't even see the irony, do you?

You're the one who comes with "You can't seem to see anything beyond your own point of view, but I expect nothing less from someone who uses the "straw man" argument" or "Oh man I must have ESP, because I knew exactly what your response would be" when you are the one who utterly fails to motivate his point - but keeps repeating it as if this leads any kind of validity to it.

How cute.
this is priceless! Look you might as well stop, I'm not going to be drawn into your 'who has the bigger d$&@' argument. I'm not interested in playing that childish game.

Bottom line is that somethings are inexcusable. Rape, sexual abuse of a child, genocide, organizations with godlike powers to do anything to anyone and be answerable to no one. These things are wrong. Period.

If the Federation can't exist without violating its own morals and founding principles then it should just drop the BS and rename itself the Dominion.
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