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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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Well, I disagree. I see no caricature of a woman there. I see one of a gay man, though.
I have to ask... would you still feel this way if he had worn a woman's wig and shaved?
Near as I can tell the mustache was a make-up addition, not a real one. Would I feel this way if the character that was "supposed to be a woman" looked like, well, a woman? Probably less offended, but it'd then just be a shitty stereotype/portrayal of a woman.

But, as is, the character is a gay stereotype. Hell, doesn't he/she casually flirt with "Worf" who exclaims he "doesn't have the gays" or something like that? Seems pretty damn strong to me it was meant to be a gay stereotype (even if the character wasn't a gay man) and not a female... "stereotype" or whatever they were going for there.

Because there's not a single thing about the character that says to me "female stereotype."
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