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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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As I said before, comedy is subjective. When I watch "Troy" on screen, I see an exagerated woman. A caricature. To me, this is just a guy in drag performing on a stage. This is no different than the type of performance you would find at a cabaret or drag show.
Except he's not dressed as a woman or made to look like a woman in any way, shape, or form and DOES act like every single gay stereotype there ever was right down to the pedo-stache.
Again, he is playing a caricature of a woman. All of the characters refer to him as a woman in the film, and he wears makeup and a tight glittery body suit (ala 7 of 9). The John Waters stache highlights that he is a man, but I've seen lots of Drag performers rock that look too when in costume. The audience isn't suppose to believe he is a woman - that is part of the exagerated humor of the piece.
Well, I disagree. I see no caricature of a woman there. I see one of a gay man, though.
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