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Re: What are you reading?

I'm reading a book by an acquaintance of my mother. Pretty standard stuff. The tale of two women who deliver babies on the same day, and about their lives. Some of the chapters ends with little optimistic/quasi-philosophical poetry bits. It's not entirely my cup of tea. I like the short chapters approach she's taken.

But. What's interesting is how she got it written and released. She decided for an a beginning, an end and the basic characters, and then she furiously took notes on the train back and to work every day for three years. When it was done she hired a printing company in the baltic states to print up 2000 copies, payed the equivalent of 2000 USD to do that. And now she's selling them herself for 10 bucks a piece. And it's gone really well. She's on her third printing now. It makes me think...maybe it's not impossible for me to write some more off kilter stuff and get it published. Horror/fantasy has been a pretty popular genre over the past decade with John Ajvide Lindkvist's novels (among then Let The Right One In). What I'm writing and some other stuff I want to write might work.
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