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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

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In the event of a threesome, would it be Dydoccubus?
It sounds like a shape with lots of sides! (Which actually kinda fits with my mental image of the three of them anyway.)

I don't think it would ever happen though. It's been pretty clear from day 1 that Dyson & Lauren hate each other.
Yeah, I seem to recall a bit early on when Bo "jokingly" suggested that the three of them get together--and neither Lauren or Dyson seemed too keen on the idea.
Yeah, I think that was in "Dead Lucky." And, even in a non-sexual context, I always get this sense of seething dislike between Dyson & Lauren.

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I feel just the opposite. I have never found Kris Holden-Reid remotely likeable or interesting as an actor; I think he's by far the weakest link in the show's casting. But there's something about Zoie Palmer I find very endearing and charming.
Dyson isn't a very showy character but he has a kind of quiet charm that I find very appealing. Plus, he's nice to Kenzi, which earns him bucko points in my book.

And you gotta respect Kris Holden-Reid's acting just for this scene:

OTOH, the only time I ever particularly liked Zoie Palmer's performance was when she switched bodies with that wierdo serial killer guy in "Original Skin." (Also, interestingly, I thought she made a more convincing Dyson than Ksenia Solo.)
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