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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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It really is as simple that it was just a change that Starfleet underwent during that time. I don't think Starfleet is a monolithic entity, but one that undergoes constant change for various reasons (pick one--social, political, or just for the heck of it). Some of these changes will sit well with some, but not with others.
That's on the level of "a wizard did it."
More accurately, on the level of "we changed it because we could."
Organizations comparable to Starfleet do not historically make comparable changes "just for the heck of it." Was there a social, political or cultural revolution in the Federation between TMP and TWOK? Maybe, but it doesn't seem manifest in any other aspect of the world we see.
I would argue that Starfleet can indeed make changes "just for the heck of it"--and often does. I would also argue that Starfleet is not entirely comparable to organizations of centuries ago and can do things differently than they did periodically.
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