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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Which may or may not have any fish in it.

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5x7-Beast of Burden: I was just feeling that "revist thought" and I started this episode. The Unas Chaka it and others Unas it seems are being used as slave labor. I know it was a season or two ago(the "ice planet" ruse") where this theme was covered but for the target audience(western culture) I just don't feel this is a social theme that needs more exploring. Slavery bad, yep, we get it. Shaking that out I just couldn't see any thing else going on in the episode of note to further sub plots etc along. Thumbs down episode.


I really only found the one Unas episode, Beast of Burden, a let down during this stretch. They all had a theme of revisiting elements from prior episodes. I don't think a single episode introduced new elements.
The other theme here was the development of Chaka. The first time we saw him, he learned the value of friendship with someone who wasn't like him. This time, he learned to think in terms of his race rather than his tribe. (Otherwise he would have just said, "Take me home.") You don't become a revolutionary leader without gaining some depth first.

Both these aspects will be revisited.
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