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Re: Unexpected fan favorites who take over the show?

^Honestly, I've never been able to get into Cheers, despite being a huge Frasier fan. I keep hoping that they'll eventually release a Cheers DVD that just includes the most prominent Frasier episodes.

But that does remind me of...

Niles on Frasier. Season 1 was very much Frasier's show. But from Season 2 onwards, it was more Frasier & Niles as a double act. This became more pronounced as the series went on. There are some later episodes where we spend more time in Niles' apartment than in Frasier's apartment. There are some episodes ("Moon Dance," "Head Game") where Frasier hardly appears at all and the episode is entirely about Niles. And while the show sometimes struggled to find a narrative through-line for Frasier, audiences immediately latched onto the Niles/Daphne romance. In Seasons 6 & 7, it sometimes seemed as if the show never spoke of anything else besides Niles/Daphne.

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I suppose, as a mascot for the show, Spock is the more iconic character. But he never really eclipsed Captain Kirk on the show itself. Plus, Kirk, Spock, & McCoy are each such vital components of what made the show work. They need each other. A Spock show without Kirk would be kinda boring. (Plus, Spock was the only character that was there right from the original pilot. You could argue that Captain Kirk intruded on his show in the first place.)
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