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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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I just moved to Montana, so someone else would have to check. There ARE Justman authored memos about the episode -- but I do not recall if there are any related to production or post-production.
If Justman reviewed dailies for TDM, how could he have possibly missed Decker's insignia when he objected to Tracey? Certainly he must have known Decker was another starship captain...
Justman might have missed the dailies that week. Also, Justman might have known that Decker was actually a starship Commodore, not a starship Captain, and therefor entitled to/obligated to wear a different patch.

Why do you suppose Justman didn't object back during TDM?

First, to quote the Justman memo, "I have checked the occurences out with Mr. Roddenberry, who has reassured me that all Starship personnel wear the Starship emblem that we have established for our Enterprise Crew Members to wear." Seems to me that Decker, as the commander of a starship, qualifies as "all starship personnel" regardless of his being a commodore.

Secondly, I suppose it's possible that Justman missed dailies for TDM, but is it logical to assume he missed most or all of them? William Windom appears in all but the first and last acts in the episode, and is prominently featured, so how likely is it that Justman missed reviewing all of the other acts he appeared in?

Also, from a previous post, I noted that Justman missed the production of the first couple of episodes of season two due to a hip infection, but Justman himself indicated in his and Solow's book that he was back on the job well before TDM was shot in the latter half of June '67.

That just makes Justman's strong reaction to seeing Tracey's Exeter patch--apparently on the FIRST day of shooting on "The Omega Glory"--even more curious. Seeing it obviously moved him to write a memo (I'm pretty sure he was kinda busy otherwise) so this matter was of obvious importance to him. How then can anyone, not just me, explain why he had a pronounced reaction to seeing a different patch on one starship commander but not another???

Harvey, do any of the other memos/papers etc. shed any light on this?
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