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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


They are celebrating Tuvok’s promotion to Lieutenant Commander. In his remarks I think he may have made a joke…After the celebration Paris corners B’Elanna and tries to talk to her about her “love” for him. They fumble for a few seconds before Paris kisses her and the Doctor promptly interrupts her. The Doctor informs Paris that he will take over some of Kes’ responsibilities in the sick bay.

Kim was assigned to work with Seven, and he is obviously quite scared of her, which she blatantly points out to him. I approve. I like seeing Kim embarrassed! The Doctor calls B’Elanna out for being “good friends” with Paris. She gets embarrassed, but unlike Kim she strikes back and yells at the Doc for being nosey.

Voyager finds a distress call sent out by a holographic being. B’Elanna and the Doc go onboard this ship to help the fella. At the same time, Kim is working with Seven, who made a mistake. Her response was that her humanity was asserting itself. Oh no, is Kim falling for Seven already? He is chiding Paris for his bedside manner, and sticking up for her. He even admits that he has a crush. Paris actually gives him decent advice.

B’Elanna is investigating the alien ship after figuring out that the hologram lied to her, and while doing so he attacks her. The Doc goes to her aid, but the two of the holograms get into a holographic fight, but the Docs badge is removed and he disappears. B’Elanna is left with him by herself to fight. (They used foreshadowing in reagards to how she ends his program, nicely done)!

Kim tries to get out of duty with Seven, and Chakotay denies him. Seven has reacted favorably to him, and he feels that they will work together well. In sickbay the Doc was hysterical. He made several jokes, including a couple of sexual references. I like his humor, now if he only had a name!

Favorite part: The humor throughout this episode, very well done!

Least favorite part: I miss Kes…
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