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Re: Should Jadzia have died in Change Of Heart?

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Hell yes.

I found it weird where she had two near-death experiences that season (the one in Rocks and Shoals maybe not being as bad as the one in Change of Heart), but then the writers decide that they are actually going to kill her off.

So, the idea is repetitive by the time it happens in Tears of the Prophets, and of course it's a total botch. The should have either just reassigned her, or if death was the only option, then they could have killed her in a Dominion attack.
I wish she had died in battle. So it's brought home that these aren't little ships in space. Each one we could do a series around, the bonds of the senior officers, etc. Bring the war home and kill her in battle, not by the hands of the Pah'Wraiths. Preferably in hand-to-hand combat, someone snaps her neck or slits her throat. Something horrific. And they spent the entire 6th season making her a big part of the action in order for us to feel losing her.
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