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Re: After Abrams

As per usual, you guys are quibbling over stuff nobody at Paramount or CBS would bother with for ten seconds - what is "pure" Trek, continuity, which reality anything is taking place in, or even realizing there's more than one reality to begin with.

Instead, the people in control see Star Trek as a product, which is easier or harder to turn into cold, hard cash than other products at their disposal that they could spend money and effort on instead. Star Trek the product has been shown to be a good product in the movie business, but not in the TV business (which for simplicity's sake I'll use to refer to streaming).

Imagine you work for CBS. Would you bother with Star Trek? Why? In what form? How can you convince your boss it's a better bet than yet another iteration of CSI?

For starters, I'll add a crucial factor I neglected before, that it helps a lot to have some high-profile industry person pushing for it. Abrams pushed for Star Trek for movies and we got movies. If Roberto Orci pushes for Star Trek for TV, we may get TV. But the likes of JMS or even Ron Moore are unlikely to be as influential since they are not associated with stunning recent success in the franchise. You know the mantra: What have you done for me lately?
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