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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


The opening scene was very “Lord of the Flies”ish. Chakotay is found on a planet by a group of boys who have specific names and designations. Within the first five minutes I was quite annoyed by this episode, especially after the last episode which I enjoyed. The language of the group of boys was very simple and choppy. Blah, blah, blah….

Chakotay goes with the group of boy defenders, they all die, he goes to a village, the village is attacked, and he is held captive. In the end, Tuvok goes down to the planet and finds Chakotay fighting in their war. The boys brainwashed Chakotay to make him think their enemy was the true enemy and his enemy. Chakotay gets back onto Voyager and the Doctor helps him “recover”. Janeway makes a comment that it will be a long and arduous journery for Chakotay to bounce back mentally, but I am pretty sure he will be fine by the next episode, and that they will not mention this again, which this time, I don’t mind!!

Least favorite part: The language.

Favorite part: UHHHH….
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