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Re: Si I finally saw Moulin Rouge!

It's actually been at least 11 years since I've seen it. But my sister's old VHS copy is right by the VCR, so I've been meaning to give it another watch recently. (I'm finding that Nicole Kidman is one of those actresses that I find more attractive the older I get.)

Overall, I remember liking it a lot. "Mawkish" is probably the right word to describe the story. And I'm not a huge fan of all of the songs they used. But I do enjoy the pacing of the film. The style works just right. The production numbers are all flawlessly executed. And Kidman, McGregor, & Leguizamo are all such great actors that they can pretty much sell anything. Truth the told, I was 100% sold on the film the moment Leguizamo first enters.

I'm less enthused with some of Luhrman's other work. Australia was too long & too dull. Romeo + Juliet went too far with its stylization.

Actually, come to think of it, I think Moulin Rouge may be the last time I liked Nicole Kidman in anything. She's seemed a bit dull & lifeless in some of her more recent leading roles, like Australia, Birth, & The Invasion. And she's a bit too cold & arch when playing villains in movies like The Golden Compass. I guess she was OK in Nine (the most underrated musical of the last decade).
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