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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

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Here is Part 1 of our special interview with Roger Lay, Jr. - one of the producers who worked on this set and produced the new bonus features:
Roger Lay, Jr wrote:
I think all of those things hurt the show, and now we’re at a point where enough time has passed; those of us who are really hardcore fans of the Star Trek universe – you have the J.J. Abrams movies, to us, that’s not really ‘our’ Star Trek, that’s something very different – so I think that re-launching Enterprise now may satiate that need that hardcore fans have now to watch TV Trek, because I think Trek works best on television; your one-hour morality plays, what Gene really envisioned from the get-go. Now that there’s none of that in production, you have these movies that are big popcorn blockbusters that are not the Star Trek we fell in love with initially, I think fans will – hopefully – pick Enterprise up and see that there’s great value there, great stories there, a great intent… whether they were able to fulfill that or not, with the early cancellation and the issues they had; when it works, it works beautifully. You have episodes like "Dear Doctor", "Shuttlepod One", "Cogenitor", "Similitude" -- episodes that are just brilliant and do what star trek does best. In Season Four, I think – Season Four of Enterprise, for me, ranks up there with Seasons Five and Six of TNG, and Seasons Six and Seven of DS9 as one of the best seasons ever of any of the Trek shows. And Seasons One and Two of TOS. I really feel that Enterprise Season Four should be up there.
I think an Enterprise relaunch could potentially work. However I remember watching this series in order on broadcast too... the highs, the lows. It would hemorrhage viewers quickly. The audience would lose patience. In order to be successful, there would have to be changes. A very selective season-run of episodes. Like it or not, losing "Faith of the Heart" from the opening title sequence would make a difference. A brand new show, without the turn off theme tune. Not to me, I must stress. But certainly a sizable majority, given how common the complaint was...

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One thing I can't get over is how bad the song is in the opening credits. It's serious dog shit.
...and apparently still is.

Dipping back in my posting history, I'm reminded of this I once had to say...
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I'd like to see an experiment done where CBS rebrands Star Trek Enterprise, to discover how many viewers that can get on one of its main flagships channels. You know, in Prime-time or close to - at an hour unprecidented for a 10 year old property.

13 of the best episodes, mostly from Season 4 (I would expect) although a handful of earlier ones too. North Star has a "Cowboys and Aliens" vibe. Broken Bow still one of the best Star Trek pilots. Regeneration with the Borg in it is underrated.

Completely new opening title sequence, losing the middle of the road pop song - to give it a fighting chance. So even Simon Pegg wouldn't dare turn over.

Outlay to CBS? Basically nothing. How many people had HD back when it was on the air BUT do now?

There are enough stories in the last Star Trek series to assemble a line-up that doesn't outstay its welcome.
Now, that was a few years ago (2011) and you have to wonder if television is getting less and less relevant.

But 26 seasons a year is an outdated format. It would be cut down to 13 shows, building to a heavy story-arc driven climax in the final episode.

Enterprise would be cutdown to something like this...
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My attempt to redo Season 1 & 2 with 13 episodes per year.

Also I've moved stories around from one season to another to try to make it different. Plus include the standalones I didn't fit into my take on Seasons 3 & 4 above. I've tried to think about continuity, avoiding major contradictions. "Observer Effect" looking very different is the only major issue but I wanted to keep that somewhere. "Singularity" is a fantastic re-introduction and there's nothing better than have the characters get on each other's nerves and exaggerate their failings for that.

0. Broken Bow

1. Singularity
2. Fight or Flight
3. Civilization
4. The Andorian Incident
5. Breaking the Ice
6. Fortunate Son
7. First Flight
8. Silent Enemy
9. Shuttlepod One
10. Fusion
11. Dear Doctor
12. Shadows of P'Jem
13. Cold Front

0. Shockwave Part I & II

1. Regeneration
2. Minefield
3. Dead Stop
4. Carbon Creek
5. Fallen Hero
6. Detained
7. Stigma
8. Cease Fire
9. North Star
10. Observer Effect
11. Judgment
12. Future Tense
13. The Expanse

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