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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

I thought Green Lantern was just okay this week. It was great seeing the Orange Lantern and I thought Larfleeze had some comical lines, but overall it felt like it was putting a damper on the whole Anti-Monitor storyline at a point when it should be ratcheting up the action and tension.

As for Young Justice, another solid episode. I was surprised by Godfrey's turn against the Ambassador. I enjoyed the Ambassador's scenes a lot this week. Black Beetle remains a force of destruction.

I really liked a lot of other interactions in the show this week. The Nightwing-Miss Martian mutual apology society was nice. Though I didn't quite get why Mal and Bumblebee broke apart after being rescued. That was odd to me; I wish there had been some dialogue there. Arsenal was quite the jerk, but I liked that because it added some combustibility into an already volatile situation.

I did like how Nightwing dressed down Arsenal and how the new kids balked at joining Young Justice. If the show had not been canceled I wonder if they would've formed their own super team, this universe's version of the Titans, Outlaws, or Outsiders?
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