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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Another great episode. This is a real good arc for Ashoka and the team up with Ventress was great. If she winds up a bounty hunter or dead, perhaps at Anakin's hand, next week, I am okay with that. I would prefer more of a conclusion to her story than the open-ended send off in the comics (which I'm assuming was done to keep her viable for future stories). Though if she does escape death, I wouldn't mind if she survived all of the Clone Wars either. Ventress could be a good villain for the new films. Though I have to wonder if Maul might not be resurrected for the new films, courtesy of the Clone Wars. He too would make a good villain.

I liked the Anakin-Windu exchange, though I wish Anakin had displayed more pique. I also liked how Obi Wan came to Anakin's defense.

I would rather the assailant not be Offee, though she does seem the obvious choice. I like the character and would rather see the CW writers doing a big fake out instead of going with the obvious. For a moment there I thought it might be Maul who attacked Ventress until I got a better look.
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