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Re: CSI: Star Trek!!!!

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In a way, Trek is very much a procedural in itself. Most stories can be broken down like this:
1. Something strange/unexpected/terrible happens.
2. Our heroes investigate it and eventually discover the cause of it.
3. Our heroes resolve it and move on to the next assignment.

There may be occasional character moments along the way, and not every Trek episode is like this, but that's the general procedure most Trek episodes follow (although DS9 did it less so--especially in its later seasons--than other Trek shows, IMO).
I'm not saying a "CSI Procedural" is an appropriate answer for what to do next with Star Trek (A set format could get old quickly), but, you're forgetting identifying the culprit is just the beginning.
Not really, because the situation still needs to be resolved.
You still need to determine the motive and track the culprit down, it's a big Galaxy. Many episodes of the various Series were based upon finding clues to track someone down and that could provide your exploration and conflict with other cultures
All that falls under the investigation of what the situation is.
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