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For movies, Paramount would continue with the existing timeline and characters (to the extent possible) as long as they were making money, which they can for the forseeable future. Big budget fantasy movies do very well globally, especially with a big brand name attached, and that trend shows no signs of abating.

TV is an entirely different business. It's undergoing a big shift in basic assumptions, and CBS is paying attention. Having given up on sci fi for the last few years, they are experimenting with doing a co-production with Amazon this summer of Stephen King's Under the Dome - an expensive series with a big brand name attached that probablly could not hope to reach survival level ratings on CBS alone, but could cobble together enough profit with two revenue streams - ad-based traditional broadcast and subscription-based streaming.

Something like that could allow Star Trek to work financially as a series again. Initially the job will be to resurrect the franchise in this new format, so it wouldn't be wise to get too nichey with the premise. Just give us a starship and crew, going boldly, 23rd C, more serialized than TOS, but with much the same tone. We may not be able to tell which reality it takes place in, unless they can get one of the movie actors to make a cameo, which would be good for a PR boost.
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