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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

^ That made for a great read. With they're never having been a behind-the-scenes book about the development of Enterprise, that 3-part doc and those 90 minutes "In Conversation" with Berman and Braga have a hell of a lot of ground to cover! Sounds amazing. Too many records to set straight and fan speculation that's taken as fact. I'm as much a sucker for accepting some of that, without questioning it or knowing who's responsible for what and why.

I imagine the pre-orders for Enterprise on Blu ray aren't as impressive as TNG. Part of that is the show's reputation (pointless pretending it isn't), but part is undoubtedly the perception this show is more or less just an off-the-shelf release of HD sourced episodes and not a whole lot less expensive for not getting an extensive makeover. I'm a Day One purchaser because I'm a huge fan of Enterprise and this cast, however part of a minority doing so I'm sure. Once Season 1 is out for a while and the price gets marked down, plus Star Trek In Darkness raising the profile - I'm sure CBS (& companies involved in these Blu ray extras) will find their no longer taking a hit pouring effort into a lost cause.

Thanks to all those involved in this project. Hard work that doesn't sound dull from documentary makers' perspective.
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