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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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Little dark to end the series by showing that Ted's telling the kids the story because they just came back from the funeral. Roseanne ending is probably out...
While the last Roseanne season was pure crap (that's what you get when you give in to the overblown ego of the main star) the finale and the revelation that Dan didn't make it through his heart attack was both very sad and shocking but kind of fitting with the show about a working class family that can't catch a break (they were at least in the early seasons).

I felt really sad knowing that Dan, my favorite character of the show, died

Kirby wrote: View Post
I'm hoping that we just don't have an ending where Ted walks up to girl in the band, says hello, and we get a 1 second shot of the her saying hello back and then it kicks back to his kids with: "And that kids, is the story of how I met your mother." Roll credits.
Oh please don't do a Voyager ending.. it was a bad idea back then and it's just a bad idea now.

As much steam as the show has lost i'm glad they'll be doing a final wrap up season with Ted getting to know the Mother and seeing exactly why she's such a perfect fit for Ted (and the hints throughout the season paint her as a very cool girl with just the right amount of crazy to keep it from getting boring).

I really like to see some scenes set 20-30 years into the future with glimpses of all the character's futures.. Marshall and Robin living their happy family life raising Marvin, Barney and Robin enjoying their childless, high power couple life (with the option to enjoy some family life when they take care of Marvin and Ted's kids when they feel like it) and Ted finally coming to rest when he gets his biggest wish fulfilled.
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