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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The Gift

We get some of 7 of 9’s background in this episode. Her parents were hippy travelers who explored space. Kes started to do some pretty advanced telepathic stuff; she is able to release a Borg implant from 7/9s nerves through telepathy. Even Tuvok looked impressed, if he is capable of that…. Tuvok wanted her to do guided exercises in order to hone her abilities; it seems to me that she is beyond Tuvok now. Janeway was kind of hard on 7/9, but she needed that. She sends 7/9 to engineering to help repair the areas the Borg manipulated.

Speaking of manipulation, Tuvok has Kes manipulate a flame in order to control her abilities. She is able to “see” the flame beyond the subatomic. Tuvok stared at her like she was scary. While in engineering 7/9 tried to contact the Borg through the telecommunication, but Kes detected it and was able to cause an explosion to stop her.

Kes and Neelix sit down together and we actually get some closure between them. Neelix admits that he was holding her back, and she jokes and tells him that it was actually his cooking. While they are talking Kes accidently hurts Neelix and the structural integrity of the hull on that level is compromised. When Tuvok and Janeway make it down to that level Kes is somewhat invisible.

I thought that the crew was supposed to still refer to female captains as sir not ma’am. Janeway is called down as ma’am to the brig to talk with 7/9 who actually gets upset and starts to cry…her human biology is taking over quickly. I love that Janeway keeps using Borg idioms to manipulate 7/9…”it [human] is what you are don’t resist it”. I like how they are showing 7/9's resistance and also stablizing it with human emotions that are obviously popping to the surface and agitating everything 7/9 has known as Borg.

Kes is going through a transformation and she tells Janeway that she needs to get off the ship; NO! I like Kes’ character (although not her new hairstyle). Why can’t we keep Kes and 7/9? I don’t like this. It is making me sad. What happened to her? Did she ascend like in Star Gate? All of a sudden VOY flew through space, beyond Borg space and 10 years closer to home. Janeway looked like she was going to cry. It was very sad and happy all at once. What in the hell happened to Kes? Are we ever going to see her again?

7/9 is 82% human at this point. She even remembers her favorite color as a child, although she still refers to the child as if it were a different life form and not her.

Favorite part: Janeway to Tuvok: I can tell by the expression on your face that you have bad news. Tuvok to Janeway: I have no expression on my face.

Least favorite part: Kes left. I’m sad. I liked her cool casualness and her ability to calm people and help in any situation.
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