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Re: The luckiest guy in TOS

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I wasn't necessarily saying that that particular trope applied to Star Trek, but it certainly was a common thing, esp in horror movies. It might be interesting for someone to come up with a statistic like for baseball. Number of screen deaths per x number of appearances and compare black and white actors with otherwise similar demographics.
What were you trying to say then? You implied that a black man in a redshirt who survived was somehow amazing. One black man, Crewman John Watkins, was the only non-white crewman to die in the entire run of the show.

Whether or not black characters dying was a common thing in other shows, it has nothing to do with Star Trek.

Before I informed you otherwise, did you think that lots of non-white characters died on Star Trek? I'm curious to know, because I've heard this before from a lot of people.
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