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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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Wow. Talk about minutiae. I'm hoping those in charge of this production focus on writing a good story, finding decent actors, and maintaining the highest production values possible for a fan film. If there's time and inclination after that, they can worry about making sure the red matter sub-space flux capacitor fits correctly in the Mcguffin polaritrometer. Given the time span it takes to complete a fan film, there will certainly be plenty of time to work on those things later.
You are EXACTLY right.

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A good story is about the story, not the vehicles used to tell a story.
For such as you, perhaps.

A more direct vision: the vehicles are the story.
Vehicles are not story. That is quite ridiculous. At BEST they are characters.

The Enterprise has never been the story in Star Trek. You may love ships (as I do), but that doesn't make a film.

A film requires a great story, good acting and professionals executing the vision. That could happen on a garbage scow and be compelling.

I just happen to love starships, so the USS Ares is cool. That won't make the movie.

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