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mcmasterp wrote: View Post
I think a global government is a great start
One of the negatives to a single global government is that under our current ~200 nations, if a handful (or more) becomes abusive, it doesn't effect the entire Human species.

If you have a single government and it goes "bad," the populace has no recourse.

Also under the current model, there is the possibility of changing countries, migrating to one that is hopefully different/better than the one you find yourself in.

When you look at the world over the last half century mcmasterp, the trend is gradually towards having more nations, and not congregating into one "super nation."

Gaith wrote: View Post
women everywhere get easy and affordable/free access to birth control
If you consider the cost of a woman's contraception over the course of her life, verse the one time cost of a vasectomy, there is a better option Gaith.

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