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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I assume that Andrea is going to be the one to kill the governor when it's all said and done.
That's too expected, much like the fan desire to see Daryl kill Merle. The unexpected would work, as it shows villains are really troubling more than their #1 arch enemy. For example, Carl killing the governor would be unexpected--especially if he does it to defend Rick, only after Rick and Carl are dealing with tension.

I could happily lose Michonne from the show. The whole "glare and kill walkers" thing has gotten real old real fast. She's basically a plot device to start the Woodbury/Prison war at this point, nothing more.
I understand what you mean, but Rick's advantages had to be broken down (as of episode 2) before he begins to see some value in outsiders. Once that happens, Michonne may open up as she's doing with Glen.

Yes. However, I just hope they don't bring in Tyrese as Rick's new BFF at the expense of Herschel or, especially, Daryl. Daryl dies, I stop watching.
Really? Daryl is popular, but he's just one of the pieces of the series, and pieces can be lost. Many were upset to see Shane go (even knowing how short lived his character was in the comics), and a main character such as Lori eventually died. Like the original Dawn of the Dead, the threat of a zombie outbreak feels "real" for the audience if most of the main characters do not make it to the end..whenever that happens.
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