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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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My dream FF movie would have it actually pick up with them an already established Super Hero team. Sort of like how Rise of the Silver Surfer started out - people knew them, they have their tower and basically we don't need to rehash the origin. Maybe tell it in cartoon/comic style in the beginning during the credits and leave it at that.

And I would actually not entirely dismiss the original two movies - hell what I'd find funny as anything would be Johnny and Ben watching Silver Surfer and going "Oh geez Ben could they make you look any stupider and c'mon that's NOT what Galactus looks like? What? You think people couldn't take a guy taller than Four Freedoms tower in purple and pink body armor?"

"Well at least they picked that hottie to play our Suzie Q."

"Dude, not cool. I can't even watch her anymore without seeing... shudder... my sister."

So that way you don't entirely have to find a new way to 'reboot' the story, just say that the original two were movies loosely based on the real thing. Which would totally be a very Fantastic Four thing to see.
I really like that idea. Sounds not unlike how the proposed Deadpool script was supposed to handle the character's depiction in Wolverine.
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