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Re: TNG Caption This! 306: Second Captions


Data: Freebird!

Riker: Go to UV scan, Data.
All: Eeew!
Riker: Long time to be alone.
Data: I suggest we ask Commander LaForge how to proceed, sir.

Thomas: Did Deanna ever tell you about her...special fetish?
Will: Yes. I know everything you know from that time. Did you know about her <whispers in his ear>
Thomas <startled>: No way! That's not even possible, is it?
Will <nods>: We've encountered a few new alien species since you've been gone.

Beverly: Kwaaay-sawnt! Kwaaaaaay-SAWNT!
Troi: Damned French zombie apocalypse.

While you're down there get my frisbee!
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