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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Episode 19: Requiem

Michael Weyland frowned at his aides and the mercenary commander of his body-guard. “The facility has fallen?”

“The Cylons took out our defenses handily, Mister Weyland,” reported Major Morton. “It was a safe facility—we thought. Just a platoon of lightly armed security designed to keep away the civilians.”

“On the bright side,” Jared Shultz spoke up, “we have a complete copy of the research files downloaded with no lost data.”

“That we know of,” muttered Weyland. “And the actual scientists we had pursuing these lines of development are lost to us.” And Shultz shrugged. Weyland sighed again. “Have the Cylons attempted to down-load the information?”

“Remote telemetry shows they are attempting to do so,” Shultz answered. “So far, they haven’t cracked the security encryptions, however.”

“They will, if we give them time,” Weyland answered and then he nodded. “Very well. Activate the Omega Protocol.”

The mercenaries and aides winced. “Sir,” Morton began to say.

“Save it, Major. We cannot let these creatures gain access to our research on improving synthetics—if they can incorporate our knowledge into their own designs, they will become even more of a threat.”

“Agreed, Sir,” Morton continued, but he shook his head. “I feel that I have to say that Governor Clark will not appreciate a nuclear detonation on his soil.”

Weyland smirked. “We’ll blame it on the Cylons. Send the order—activate Omega for immediate detonation.”

Schultz nodded. “Sending the order.”

************************************************** **

“NUCLEAR DETONATION ON THE SURFACE!” snapped one of General Cabot’s aides.

Brenda’s head snapped around and she blanched as the holographic projection of a massive fireball suddenly blossomed on the display. “WHO AUTHORIZED THAT?” she barked.

“No one, General,” answered Captain Phil Benning. “It isn’t ours or the Fleets. And it wasn’t delivered by air or missile strike,” he paused. “General, it is centered on the Weyland-Yutani research facility—could the Cylons have decided to nuke it themselves?”

Brenda cursed. “More likely it was that asshole Weyland,” she snapped. “Magnitude?”

“Fifty megatons—there is significant collateral damage, General,” replied Benning. “But on the bright side, it tore one hell of a hole in the Cylon forces.”

“Fallout patterns?”

“Looks like the winds will push the majority out over the sea,” the Captain answered briskly. “Eight small towns are within the destruction radii, another twenty-two will be severely damaged—but all thirty have already been overrun by the Cylons.”

Another aide looked up, holding a phone. “General, ma’am. The Governor is on the line for you—and he sounds pissed.”

Brenda sighed. “At least the Guard are holding the line,” she whispered and then she lifted the phone. “Thad? Yes, I am monitoring it now. No, it wasn’t us.” And she winced as Governor began to lambast her anyway.

************************************************** **

By the time that the Battle of Beowulf officially drew to a close, the defending forces were utterly exhausted. Between the human artillery and main battle tanks—tanks like nothing the Cylons had ever before encountered—and air support and orbital fire support, the Cylon assault was halted and then smashed long before it ever got into the suburbs of the capital. But the fanatical machines—with no fear of their own deaths—made the humans kill each and every surviving Cylon. And in the end, the Guard and the Marines and the CAC Shock Regiment and the TWE Paras and all of the other reservists and volunteers suffered heavy casualties—half of their number lay wounded or dead. And with the defenders, some eighty thousand civilians had perished as well.

Although Brenda Cabot suspected that Weyland had triggered the nuke, she didn’t have the proof—especially since once it was obvious that the Guardians were bound to lose this fight, they broke out their own nuclear weapons. Suicide charges carried into the defensive lines by individual Cylons.

Still it had been a victory. And like all victories, it was celebrated, even as the first reinforcements of humanity arrived in system.
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