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Re: TOS Caption Contest #270: The Immunity Caption

TFTW Leadhead!

McCoy: This experimental drug will positively alter any criticism at your expense, Captain.

And then the jive puppy took out that little puppy in front of the puppy puppy and puppy puppy his damned puppy until the puppy got the space puppies.

Yeoman: That puppy-puppying puppy-puppy!

What do you mean, you need more Lite-Brites! There's not a Toys-Я-Us for light years!

McCoy: Make a note in the log, Nurse. Patient wearing clean underwear. Now we can get started.

McCoy: Blair.
Spock: Jo.
Kirk: ...Tootie.
<Spock raises brow>

Kirk: Send a message to Starfleet, Uhura: Alien...invasion horde...coming. Death...imminent. No...hope. Abandon...planet.

Uhura: A five cent raise is still technically a raise, Captain.

Kirk: Great - and a corn dog is technically dinner?

Uhura: Transmitting message.
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