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Re: Anthology Series

I would do an anthology series under the following rules/policies:
  • a series of television movies, maybe 4-8 per year (coming to a total of 8-16 hours) - similar to David Tennant's last year of Doctor Who or in comics terms, "one-offs".
  • each movie/episode would cover totally different aspects and subjects in the Star Trek universe and using different narrative and stylistic formats
  • avoid the alternate reality (let the Supreme Court deal with that)
  • avoid "overused" subjects such as time travel
  • get big name actors who wouldn't want to be regulars for a long-term television series
  • have the budget to shoot elsewhere than the Los Angeles area
  • use the stories to fill-in gaps in the chronology or even explain a few changes or retcons
I know, that's pretty generic. But having a couple of months between each episode/movie would lead to a build-up of excitement and energy.
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