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The idea that *all* FTL was destroyed never made sense anyway. Even if the relays all went down, there were still plenty of ships that had FTL drives, they just couldn't get around anywhere near as quickly as the relays could.
True, but it would certainly be an apocalyptic change. I don't remember the exact math, but IIRC "standard" FTL was about as fast as Voyager. When it takes 70 years to cross the galaxy, your galactic civilization is no longer tenable.

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The sticky point for me originally was that certain races were a *very* long way from home and getting back before the dextro-amino acid based rations ran out might be impossible.
My understanding is that you have a one-in-four chance of any given planet evolving amino acids/sugars of the correct chirality (50/50 shot for each, you need both to match). Assuming that the chirality isn't influenced by some unknown property of local space, the odds seem decent that you'll find food within local FTL range.

In short, I don't think rations will be a problem as long as you have a working FTL ship.
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