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Re: Are the Voyager novels not as popular?

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Well, as I've said many times before, one of the strengths of the Pocket Trek line is that it doesn't do just one type of story, but encompasses a variety of tastes. Some people like interconnected stories while some prefer standalone stories, and Pocket offers both.
But nobody likes spending $8.00 on sub-par stories. Pocket releases a lot of books that never would be released by other publishers if they didn't have the name "Star Trek" attached to them. The line's consistency has also declined greatly since Marco left. His love of and care for Star Trek was obvious in the quality of stories he let come out. This month's TOS novel "Devils Bargain" was one I had high hopes for because we have a new author in the Trek line, and one who is a friend of Greg Cox, but sadly it's one of the worst Trek books written since the 1990s. I kind of wish Simon and Schuster would lose the Trek line as it may be time for CBS to look to another publisher for the series. It's not just a series that needs a "relaunch" but the whole franchise in my opinion.

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