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Re: Babylon 5 Season 2 - Not enough Delenn, G'Kar, Londo, kind of bori

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DAMN, episode 9 was epic. The show seems back on track now!
I hope the show continues to impress you. Let us know what you think, it's always fun to see folks first time reactions. You might edit your opening post to ask folks to refrain from spoilers, if you want to keep away from them.
I'm watching episode 15 now in season 2. What a great episode. For me Delenn, g'kar, londo, franklin and Garibaldi carry the show. I think G'kar is a very interesting character. I still haven't accepted Captain sheridan, he seems weak compared to sinclair. Sinclair was up there with picard, sisko, janeway. I think the guy who plays sinclair went to harvard and trained at juliard. The Sheridan guy isn't that great of an actor. I'm not sure about ivanova yet.

So far I think the less I see of Ivanova and Sheridan the better but we'll see what happens. I'm willing to give their characters a chance.

How about you? Favorite characters?
The best actors on the show really are Jurasik and Katsulas. Moreover, their stories generally have the meatiest material and the plots of those stories often intertwine so the actors have a lot to play with. Mira Furlan is also fantastic and has some great material in the series. Unfortunately, she doesn't have an opposite to play off of all the time the way Londo and G'Kar benefit from. I'm with you on preferring Sinclair to Sheridan. Boxleitner's acting never bothered me, his character is just a great deal simpler than O'Hare's Sinclair. I enjoyed Ivanova as a character. Claudia's best moments for me was when she had comedy moments or was playing the strait up fighter/commander. I enjoyed Garibaldi, but I have a fondness for the NY detective types so there you go. B5 was great fun for me and still is. I had never cottoned to the TNG era of Trek, and B5 was a much welcome gem for me.
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