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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

Is it because the movie is designed with a Vaudevillian style?
Is it because the characters discuss things like sex, desire and attraction?
Is it because Troy, a male playing a female character, is feminine?
Or is it because of the 'curing homosexuality' joke in the first act?

Either way you slice it, only one of the characters is written as a homosexual.
I haven't been in this thread since the first time around, so here goes...

If Troy is supposed to be female then it was sold all wrong. (The mustache and lack of any real female features being key) Also the character very much acts like every, single, gay stereotype that has ever existed. So with THAT it's hard to not see the character as a gay man but as a woman. It was supposed to be a gay stereotype, not a female character, and you know it.

Sorry I find it offensive. And I say that as a straight man.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.

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