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Re: Notes re. The City On The Edge Of Forever....

There is one portion of the memo that reminded me of one of my favorite nit-picks from this episode. " "...nobody is doing anything about tracking down poor Dr. McCoy. Whose two hours have by now about run out."

This is (the two hours) from something that obvious changed later. Is there a actual reason that McCoy (after being rendered unconscious) wasn't immediately beamed back to the ship? Even if the rest of the landing party remained behind to explore?

In universe reason I mean.

It's difficult to believe that Mister Justman thought that a sizable portion of the American audience wouldn't know who Adolf Hitler was, the second world war was only some 21 years in the past.

Justman seeming avocation of Kirk verbalizing his inability to "keep his mitts" off of Keeler I feel would have damage one of the finer aspect of the episode. Kirk (and Spock) would seem to have been in Earth's past for some time, perhaps months. The relationship between Kirk and Keeler would appear (imho) to have been chaste, it added significance to the romance. For Kirk to speak/act like Keeler was just another alien princess hookup I feel would have reduced the importance of the relationship.

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