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Re: TOS Caption Contest #270: The Immunity Caption

McCoy: "So we swap your blood with Uhura's. Simple."
Kirk: "And that will make me an acceptable diplomat for the Ligonian delegation?" breaks character...

Shatner: "We're not filming this shit! It's offensive."
Nichols: "Exactly. This is supposed to be a positive future vision of the world, not backwards looking."

Kirk: "Scotty, what is it? You look like your best friend just died."
Scott: "I looked, Captain. I swear I looked. But there isnae any alcohol left."
Kirk: "What?"
Scott: "On the whole ship."

Chapel: "She's pregnant."
McCoy: "Interesting."
Chapel: "She wasn't when she came in yesterday for an ingrowing toenail."
McCoy: "I plead the fifth."

Spock: "It is getting worse, Doctor. He now insists on calling me, Kif. He also wants it announced across the ship's intercom everytime he makes it with a, quote, 'alien hottie' unquote."

Uhura: "Incoming transmission for a, Mike Hunt?"
McCoy chuckling: "That Spock's turned into a right japester."
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